Madrid, March 23, 2020.-The first wave of a new kind ofAnti-aging medicationsIt has begun to be tested in humans.For now, they will not make us live longer, their goal is to treat specific diseases delaying or reversing the basic aging process.They are called senolithic medications and operate by eliminating certain cells that accumulate in the organism as we get older.Likewise, Alkahest has found multiple components in the blood of young people with whom the cognitive and functional deterioration could be stopped in patients with Alzheimer's.These are some of the conclusions published by the magazineMIT Technology Review,Edited in Spanish for the global innovation firmThe course of study.

In addition to anti-aging medications, the technology that promises the most to change the lives of its users is theHyperpersonalized medicine.Genetic medicine has been creating noise strongly by giving hope to people with no-core diseases, developing ad hoc drugs.

The 10 emerging technologies in 2020, according to the magazineMIT Technology Review,will be in addition to the previous two the quantum Internet, impossible to hack, hyperpersonalized medicine, digital currency, anti-aging, capable of discovering compounds for new drugs, satellite megaconstellations, quantum supremacy, tiny, capable ofRun applications on a smartphone, differential privacy;And the responsibility of climate change will be 10 technological advances that will mark a real difference in the resolution of important problems, chosen for their ability to change our way of living and work.Pedro Moneo, Publisher of the MIT Tech Review in Spanish and CEO and founder of Opinno,It affirms that “new technologies are a great impulse that allows us to transform the way how we work to continue innovating.”

From Las Caverns, man has had the need to develop tools to improve their way of working and their quality of life.Throughout history, the sum of innovation and technology has been used to solve problems and needs of all kinds.

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Among the 10 technologies, one of the sciences that is noting is theQuantum Internet network.The Delft network, in which teams of scientists from the Delft Technological University work, will use the interlacing of atomic particles to develop a new quantum Internet, A & NBSP; Hackers test, capable of protecting data privacyof companies and consumers.

Digital coinsThey can change the idea we have of financial privacy, since as the use of cash decreases, it also makes freedom to perform transactions without intermediaries.Meanwhile, digital currency technology could be used to fragment the global financial system, currently dominated by EE. UUGlobal economic scenario.

There is an extensive list of technologies that are changing the way we work and live.To continue exploring new technologies in detail, it enters the 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020, according to MIT TECHNOLOGY Review