The Opinno Accelerator Program is designed to help your start-up get access to mentorship, investment opportunities and every type of support your companies needs to become self-sufficient.

This program was created for companies that are past the seed phase but need support to keep growing and gain strength. Less developed companies can check out our incubator program.

Opinno facilitates the acceleration and consolidation of startups through a network of experts based in Silicon Valley, Madrid, and Medellín.

The Accelerator program gives you access to logistical and technical support, office spaces and a network of entrepreneurs you can learn from and potentially persuade to join your team.

More than 20 startups from industries like ICT, Biotechnology, E-commerce, Energy and Health Technologies joined the Opinno Accelerator program in the last few years.

The development stages of your start-up

Start-up Development Stages
The selection of start-ups

To develop initiatives that facilitate business maturity and growth, we measure viability, potential, scalability, and recurrence of the business model. Some of the activities included analyzing:

Fortnightly progress of the work;
Monthly reports on the service provided;
A final report with success stories and good practice guideline;
Support and follow-up activities.
The Accelerator Program has four phases.​​​​​​

Phase 1: Make your start-up investment ready

We’ll help you sell the potential of your business and presents the viability of the project in the long term. Learning will take the form of workshops and presentations. You get access to specialists in sales, marketing, product development, financial planning, and legal frameworks.

Phase 2: Business Model Validation

In this phase, we train you to develop your business model using the lean start-up methodology.

The Lean Start-up Methodology

The lean start-up methodology is based on the assumption that start-ups are about learning and testing. The reason why most start-ups fail is that they create products people don’t want to buy. By building an MVP (minimal viable product), a product that has the minimum features, you can test the market. Present your prototype to users to see if they want to buy it. If yes, continue to refine the product (persevere). If your product is not sellable at this stage, adjust the idea and repeat the process (pivot). In this phase, we set up some metrics. What is success to you? How do you measure it? If you are happy with the results of the test, you’re ready to go to the next level, where you present the prototype to investors.

Phase 3: Attracting investors

Opinno gives you access to a network of serial entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporate investors. We also meet with representatives of local institutions to promote entrepreneurial values and the importance of creating new businesses for the community.

Phase 4: Demo day

Pitch your idea in the best matchmaking event between investors and start-ups. We’ll make sure start-ups with the best potential for development are ready to win the audience.

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