The founders of this organization are convinced that most companies have the capacity and availability to join this global movement whenever a number of circumstances are in place: allowing for flexible collaboration, freedom in terms of choice and encouraging the commitment to take place in the early stages of the company's growth.

In Opinno we have already spent more than a year dedicating 1% of our teams´ time to support a number of organizations doing what we do best. “We want to help their development by providing knowledge and proposals for digital innovation and technology that generate real value. In addition to the personal satisfaction that comes when we realize the benefits for the organizations, the final goal as it happens with all of our projects is to promote measurable impact “, says Libia Renza responsible of, the social arm of our company.

Ashoka is an NGO that has been identifying and accompanying potential leaders of social change for more than 40 years. From social entrepreneurs and young talented leaders, to educational projects of great potential. We are accompanying them through a consulting program that aims to define their community 2.0 and improve the relationship with their stakeholders.

Fundación Unidos en Red, reunites companies, personalities and volunteer networks to optimize impact social projects. We have signed a collaboration agreement to optimize synergies, increase the impact of their actions and develop joint initiatives to integrate new strategic partners in Latin-America.

With Celera, whose mission is to identify young talents in Spain and enhance their skills, we organize talks on innovation and technology. So far, we have covered topics such as the digital learning experience and the 10 most disruptive technologies.

Fundación Tomillo focuses on child support, training, employment and entrepreneurship as well as social and educational innovation. We're helping them define a map of actions aimed at their digital transformation.

26 Letters operates in Lebanon to promote quality education available to all. In this case our collaboration focuses on defining a digital value proposition for donors and volunteers.

Scale Up is dedicated to the training and certification of volunteers. In this international cooperation project, we have helped identifying improvement proposals and defining 5 calls to action to optimize volunteer support.

At Opinno we have learned that our commitment to this global movement is not only a benefit for the organizations but also for our human team. Applying our experience in digital transformation to this type of entrepreneurship is very satisfying and also the main reason why we have decided to renew this program. The commitment and dedication of our staff is undoubtedly the best guarantee to face this challenge in the coming years.