Senior Expert Council

Opinno’s team of senior experts is the heart of our company. Senior executives, scientists and established entrepreneurs from all over the world act as a “Plug and Play” Advisory Board in our projects.

Meet some of the members of our senior expert council

Antonio NuñezBalvinderGonzalezClotildeElisabettaFabianGuayenteNachoViviana

Would you like to be part of the expert network?

Opinno’s Expert Council members act as “plug and play” advisors. The only requirement is to enjoy generating impact through innovation, without obligations.

In addition, we organize quarterly meetings to keep abreast of all the latest news, share the most impactful projects and network.

Our collaboration models are varied and compatible with your current responsibilities.

  • Be part of key industry events
  • Deliver Master Classes and corporate trainings according to your expertise
  • Be part of the Advisory Board and take part in an array of projects
  • Establish trusting relationships with your contacts for Opinno, maximizing the potential value of your agenda
  • Enjoy all the digital content on our platforms on a regular basis
  • Collaborate in our research, analysis, and interviews of the Opinno Research Institute team

Currently, there are already more than 100 experts active on both sides of the Atlantic.

How it works


Send us your CV or link to your LinkedIn profile by filling out the form (link) in this section. Our Expert Office will review your application to see how well your profile aligns with the job.


If your profile matches what we are looking for, we will contact you to tell you more about us and to inform you about your role as an Opinno network expert.


Once you have completed these steps, you will become part of our network, we will propose projects in which you can participate, and we will put you in contact with other members of the Expert Council.

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