The current health crisis caused by the irruption of Covid-19 and, consequently, its great social and economic impact, is subjecting businesses in all sectors to scenarios with high levels of stress due to the total cessation of productive activity, the lack of supplies, the dependence on paralyzed or long-distance industries, as well as the contraction of demand or the lack of capacity to meet it.

In addition, the drastic change in the lifestyle of users and customers leads to the emergence of new needs that are not being met and to the direct disappearance of others.

The lack of training in the digital ecosystem and the shift to widespread teleworking are challenging teams and managers to keep businesses afloat in a different and still unexplored work environment.


"We are not facing an era of changes, but a change of era"


The good news is that every paradigm shift brings with it new opportunities and  the possibility not only of reviving the business, but making it grow. The key is to react as soon as possible to contain the risks generated by the current situation and to take advantage of this time of crisis to strengthen the business and prepare it for the new normality.

The following is a guide for the reactivation of businesses that have been impacted by a crisis. A series of recommendations and initiatives are presented, which can help both to contain risks and survive in the most critical moments, and to prepare to compete successfully in the new normal.

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