The Opinno Research Center was founded in 2018 and is located in the heart of the MIT Campus. Our purpose is to develop a deeper insight of the main trends shaping tomorrow's society.


We give leaders the tools, knowledge, and insight to succeed within our fast-changing environment. From the impact of artificial intelligence and the future of work to the role of technology in government, we produce reports, papers, and articles to bring clarity to the complexity of the changes we are experiencing in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution. We engage academics, practitioners, and thought leaders from our global network to offer analyses and guidance informed by diverse, independent, cutting-edge perspectives.

We cover a variety of topics in the intersection of technology and innovation in both the private
and public sector. Our main focus of work is around the following themes:

  • The Future of Work
  • The Digital Economy
  • The impact of emerging technologies: AI, Blockchain, Biotech, Big Data, IOT…
  • Designing a new deal: the governance of technology

Our framework

We combine different methodologies that helps us understand the problem and consequently
design better content and more accurate recommendations and policies.

  • Open Innovation, to harness the power of ecosystems.
  • Adaptive Leadership, to help individuals and organizations adapt and thrive in challenging environments.
  • Theory of Change, to promote social change and public impact.
  • Collective Intelligence, to unleash the wisdom of crowds.

To achieve sustainable impact, we work at the ecosystem level, involving diverse stakeholders
that bring different perspectives to the issue.

Opinno Research Center

The Opinno Research Center is located in the MIT Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Our offices are on 245 First Street, E94 Cambridge, MA 02142