The aim of this protocol is to provide Opinno's teams with a practical guide for working remotely, in order to maintain our culture as a company that makes us unique and defines us as a team, but without neglecting the contribution of value and productivity, both in projects with clients and in internal projects.


As an organization, our focus will continue to be on the happiness and value contribution to our clients, the excellence of our work, the operational efficiency and the happiness of our teams. With this guide, we hope that working in a delocalized way will allow us to improve our way of working and our way of relating.

Dimensions of our delocalized work model

Our delocalized work model is divided into two main dimensions: Commitment and Execution.

Commitment refers to all those behaviors that define our professionalism, such as responsibility and work environment, including spaces, visibility with the rest of our colleagues and involvement to make Opinno better and better.

Execution refers to those aspects that are part of our daily lives and that help us to be productive and efficient, creating a structure or framework in which the whole organization develops.



This work was developed by Opinno, with the authorship of:

Daniel Medina Opinno Ideas Director: Strategy, Design and Transformation

Jesús Obelmejías Director of Strategy and Innovation Barcelona

Aurelia Pérez Project Leader of Innovation at Opinno

Natalia Peralta Project Leader of Innovation at Opinno

Alvaro Prieto Project Leader of Innovation at Opinno

Marta de Juan Strategy and Innovation Consultant at Opinno

Special thanks to the entire Opinno research, writing and design team that contributed to the creation of this document.

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