Keys to Sustainability Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on this process and the pace of transformation. Has it been a catalyst for sustainability?

Sustainable mobility and infrastructures

Planteamos iniciativas concretas que permitan influir, desde la sociedad civil, sobre las formas de actuación de la Administración y los decision makers y en particular modo el Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana y los consejeros de las distintas comunidades autónomas

Silver economy: Mapping trends and actors in Latin America and the Caribbean

En este informe se presenta un mapeo de actores cuyos servicios o productos se dirigen a las personas mayores, y se examinan las tendencias de la economía plateada por sector

Promoting the country's energy transition and reindustrialisation plan

We propose initiatives that favour the construction of a more robust industrial fabric with a greater impact on the economy, placing special emphasis on creating a strategic plan focused on energy transition as a pillar on which to leverage re-industrialisation.

Co-creating solutions to today's foundation challenges

Analysis of the solutions to the challenges presented at the event "Co-creating solutions to the current challenges of foundations" that took place on 11 March 2021

Opinno Impact Report 2020

Our 2020 Impact Report looks beyond the figures and focuses on the core of our operations, what really drives us, the measurable impact generated for our clients, their industry and society in general

The drive for digital health

Genewin is an initiative whose objective is: To propose from the Civil Society innovative ideas to the Country to favor the recovery in such a complex moment

Agile Maturity Index Insights

We analysed the findings of the Agility survey we launched in 2020 to measure the agile maturity level of companies.

Cultural Leadership at Opinno, a case study by ESCP

ESCP has worked with us to analyze our evolution and positioning in order to create a case study based on our company’s history and culture

Opinno Impact Report 2019

Nine successful stories selected among hundreds of projects from all over the world, which reflect all three of our areas of activity: Open Innovation, Strategy & Business Architecture, and Technology Solutions

IESE incorporate Opinno as case study

How can you improve sales, lead people in multicultural environments, or design incentives that are effective in highly competitive situations?

Communicating In a New Era: The Power of Digital Experience

Methodology that allows companies to design relational and communication alternatives with their stakeholders that do not require physical presence

Future Foresight

How to apply the methodology and integrate it into their day-to-day business

Restart your business

Preparing your business for a new normal

RESTART: 10 Post COVID-19 Trends

10 post COVID-19 trends

Remote Working Protocol

Opinno Framework for decentralized teams

Decentralized Work

How to manage high-performance decentralized teams

El líder ante la innovación

Keys to improve innovation from top management

Open Innovation

Building, scaling and consolidating your firm's corporate venturing unit

The Atlas of Innovation Districts

The reason of why Innovation Districts matter and its economic impact

The future of work in Spain

All the factors of the environment impact on the work of the future

Keys of IntraEntrepreneurship

Develop the environment to detect & encourage the intra-entrepreneurs

Disruptive Economy

Asociate the process of business change with technological change 


You don't have to leave your organization to be an entrepreneur

The future of Mobility

The world is making effort to develop sustainable transport

Barometer of successful entrepreneurship in Spain

Honest and novel vision of success in entrepreneurship

Leading Global Ecosystems

Identify the enablers and growth states of the regions

The brand in the internationalization of the company

The brand in the internationalisation of Spanish companies

Agile Methodology Kit

Quick reference guide to facilitate the use of agile methodologies