Our market is very competitive, so there are some organizations that grow and there are some that are unable to catch up with the competition and the activities in the market. It is very important to run your company smoothly and well-organized. Although each employee has their own responsibilities, as a team they should be working towards the same goal with the same vision and values.

Dead points, frustration among team members, and wasted time and money are all the outcomes of poor planning. When we channel our energy in a conscious way, it is possible to achieve anything we put our minds to. But how do we do it? 

To help achieve a more dynamic operational system, and continue to  adapt to an ever-changing business environment, Opinno has created an Agile Playbook for one of the biggest global tobacco company.

Playbooks are known for being detailed and designed guidelines on how to boost performance by applying strategic moves. That is to say that a company will have an exploratory guide to working methods that will allow an organization to have all the necessary information for their transformation.

Learning by doing

Before creating the Playbook, it was very important to identify the organization's philosophy (e.g. vision, values, and culture), in order to understand the business demands and to deliver the best-fit strategy. The next step was to educate employees and help them understand the new adapted approaches and bases of each methodology and strategy.  To crystallize knowledge and learnings, Opinno provided a training that was based on learning by doing techniques, combining theory with practical exercises. After that, there was the need to select which were the main elements of the Playbook. The prioritized elements were guided by an Agile Coach from Opinno during the workshop and after that they  were highlighted in the training. In the end, to make sure that the process is well-implemented and understood, Opinno provided coaching support.

Once the company employs a smooth process from the Playbook, employees will have more time for innovative activities and changes that would drive while helping the company grow. After all, adaptation of the Playbook will give a framework for success that encourages independence of the team and guides towards saving time while achieving consistent results. We can achieve almost anything when we deliberately channel our energy, focus on the concrete aims and have a clear vision. And that starts with having a playbook.