Information and trends are crucial to understanding a rapidly changing world. That’s why companies and managers need reliable, real-time knowledge in order to take the best decisions possible.


By providing the most relevant information to our target audience (crowd sourced from our followers), Opinno establishes a benchmark for generating positive viral communities for companies.

At the same time, companies want to see their employees taking part and being successful in the execution of their business aims. The challenge is for companies to overturn outmoded ways of thinking and establish good practice.


We at Opinno can provide information to managers and their employees through digital and interactive solutions focused on observing new business models, emerging technologies, innovative solutions and relevant organizations from diverse sectors.

The platform further provides companies with tools to encourage active worker participation using scores for each interaction they perform within the app. Having employees immersed in an innovative enterprise like this channel provides real value to the business. It will motivate workers whether they are consuming or generating information.

Our digital observatory allows for the following actions:

  • Being fully updated. As markets are constantly evolving and changing companies must be up to date, aware of changes and able to visualize everything that’s happening in both national and international markets. This is how innovating, generating competition and trend setting are successfully achieved.

  • Providing solutions to problems. Workers participate and compete when performing different challenges, freed from the monotony of repetitive tasks.Task fulfilment becomes the objective as the short and long-term objectives are more clearly defined.

  • Sharing knowledge. The exchange and acquisition of knowledge are key aspects in strengthening workers’ commitment to the company. The sense of mastery in one’s field, and receiving the recognition from colleagues and superiors is of great value in itself. What’s more, the high degree of knowledge possessed by the company as a whole is an added value.

  • Encouraging teamwork. Being part of a team creates the conditions within projects to solve common problems successfully. An appropriate atmosphere when problem solving greatly influences motivation and fosters a feeling of being part of something special.

  • Creativity and innovation. When employees feel free to develop their creativity, effective action in the form of project solutions is the result. The format of the gamification system is designed in such a way that employees will develop their creativity and the ability to innovate simultaneously.



Users have a complete and accessible digital solution where information acquisition is agile, intuitive and interactive.

As a result, employees and managers are fully up to speed with cutting edge projects and technologies.

This encourages active employee participation and leads to better project solutions, which when applied have a positive effect on the whole company.

Employee commitment and motivation increase as a result.

Employees and business partners’ opinions can be shared and communicated.

Effective channels of communication are created as the commitment of the participants within social media grows.

Your rate of transformation within the digital world accelerates as we improve and foster relations.

At Opinno, we create links to speed up the digitization processes and improve competitiveness. We connect with the people and organizations you need for the development of your company.