Find out what level of maturity Agile is in your company



More and more companies are adopting the Agile mindset and methodologies, to achieve the speed of adaptation and continuous improvement that the current context demands.

How we do it?

To analyze the level of maturity of an Agile company, which will be the starting point for it to define its transformation roadmap, a work was done to identify all those characteristics that, as a whole, define or make an Agile organization different from other types of companies. These characteristics or Agile indicators, in turn, have been grouped into the following blocks:

1. Strategy

Find out what value your company and your business areas bring. Do employees know what the ultimate purpose of the work they do is? How do you plan? What role does Agile play for the company?

2. Governance

The importance of decision making and management How do you make decisions? How often? What criteria do you use to decide?

3. Structure

Discover your true organizational structure, the autonomy of your teams... How often do they deliver value? How is knowledge managed? 

4. Ways of working

New work methodologies for your teams, the importance of the client in the day to day, the work spaces...

5. Talent

Attract new talent to your company and train your employees. What are your career plans? How do you evaluate the performance of your employees?

6. Culture

The importance of business culture and leadership... Is there a culture of innovation? And of continuous improvement?

7. Technology

Discover the degree of automation of your technical processes, your technological architecture, relationship with your suppliers... Do you incorporate new technologies?


Agile maturity index Opinno

Disrupt or get disrupted

Technological disruption has changed the rules we have been using in recent years. We have gone from a predictable scenario where organizations had room for maneuver, to diffuse scenarios that require continuous change. In this new context, Agile is a mindset that brings with it the necessary ingredients to survive and succeed in the current environment.

In Opinno we have been helping large organizations to carry out this radical change for years. This Agile Maturity Index is the result of all our experience and, an attempt to guide any company that wants to undertake this journey

agile maturity index