The European Community met on December 4, at Station F, the largest start-up campus in the world, located in Paris, to recognise the work of 35 outstanding minds that are building the technology of the future.

MIT Technology Review recognises every year young innovators, exceptionally talented entrepreneurs, who are developing new technologies to solve the problems affecting society today. They look at things in new ways and discover powerful and innovative uses of working with technology.

The 35 innovators were awarded in five categories: entrepreneurs, humanitarians, pioneers, visionaries and inventors. The jury selected the candidates from more than 1,000 project applications. 

Winners have varied profiles, from researchers to entrepreneurs but what they all have in common is the desire to develop projects that will change society and business, as well as our way of working, learning, and communicating.


More information about the winners and how their stories can inspire us to work towards that level of performance here.

If you know someone who’s brilliant work can make a real impact on other people’s lives, persuade him or her to apply for “Innovators under 35”. Here you can find more information about the challenge and how to nominate someone on the Global list for next year's edition.