This Thursday, July 5th, BBVA held its Values Day, a global event to generate spaces for discussion on the bank's values and behaviour. This event and its activities were held in all the countries where BBVA has a presence, both online and offline.

Opinno has worked closely with the bank to create this event. The result has been incredible, it has captured the attention of its more than 133,000 employees and has generated great expectations. The event took place both at headquarters and in more than 9,000 offices around the world.

The aim of these events is to highlight the company's values:

  • The customer comes first

  • We think big

  • We are one team  

values 2


In this event, a wide variety of actions will be carried out, such as: international interaction between employees from different countries, transmission of values, gamification and playfulness at work, call to action for all employees, technological disruption thanks to the use of tools, use of the BBVA Web App, activation of automatic feedback when identifying a value, etc., and much more.

This event was attended by representatives of Opinno. Pedro Moneo, accompanied by Tommaso Canonici and some consultants from our team. Values Day has been a success and the employees are already eager to repeat it.