Start4big is the first Spanish cross-sector open innovation initiative launched in November 2018, by five of Spain’s largest corporations, Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT, and Telefónica.

The founding companies created an open innovation hub in which established companies leverage the technologies of the best start-ups in the industry, to co-develop innovative products and services.


The competition will search start-ups in 6-month cycles called waves of innovation, in which the entrepreneurial community must assume two types of challenges, cross-sector and transversal.

  1. In cross-sector challenges, start-ups work with two or more Start4big partner companies. Three cross-sector challenges are launched in each wave of innovation;

  2. In transversal challenges, start-ups work with all Start4big partner companies. When a transversal challenge is launched, the selected start-ups connect with large companies and a community of experts formed of leaders in the innovation ecosystem. Participants receive technological support to develop pilot projects in real environments.

Start4big welcomes start-ups and scale-ups that want to tackle the big challenges of today with the available technology, from AI to robotics, Blockchain, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Biometrics, VR, software development or gaming.


Start4big choose local as well as international start-ups at an advanced stage of maturity, with functional prototypes or a product that is market ready. Start4big is looking for:

  1. Developers. Start-ups with an innovative idea and a prototype seeking partnerships to grow the idea;

  2. Builders. Start-up with products or services that can be adapted to any of industries the partner companies operate.

  3. Scale-ups, start-ups that developed products tested and proven in the market that want to be made available to millions of customers.




If you want to participate in the Start4big project, check out their website and fill out the form. The project will open for applications on December 10.