Torino is recognised for providing a platform for innovation through the project “Torino City Lab”.

Torino City Lab is an open laboratory built to stimulate urban innovation by offering technological support to companies that want to test frontier innovation. The project plans to attract local and international companies to bring the technologies able to build the “City of the future”.

Self-driven cars, drones, IOT, 5G, Artificial intelligence and robotics, are technologies that will improve the quality of life, environmental and social sustainability.

Some of the experimental projects that have been started are:

  • 'Torino 5G' project, the first city to cover 5G;

  • 'Smart Road' project with the experimentation of self-driving cars;

  • 'Drones' project with the use of drones for the city and citizens' security.


The Councillor for Innovation and Smart City, Paola Pisano, declared that "public institutions and universities, in collaboration with the business world work to create the optimal conditions to make Torino a cradle of innovation and development.

Torino City Lab was founded on three main principles:

  • Transparency understood as the sharing of tangible and intangible assets (technology, laboratories, data and information on the city and its citizens, social innovation models and practices);

  • Openness to new subjects and creation of the innovation ecosystem and community;

  • Agility in the execution of activities thanks to administrative, operational and simplification tools.

On the project’s website, companies and start-ups can submit their projects. A dedicated team analyses the feasibility of innovation proposals and proceeds to issue authorisations for testing innovative technologies with a broad social impact.

Opinno is one of the official partners in this project together with private companies like Intel, ItalDesign, IntesaSao Paolo, Digital Innovation Hub, universities and research institutions.