On November 16, Patricia Ruiz Guevara, mathematician, scientific journalist, and content designer in our team, won the category “Digital Journalism” for her work published in ElConfidencial.com.


The award ceremony was hosted by Mr Peter Ploeger, Managing Director of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals in Spain, at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid.

The article "El matemático que lucha contra el cáncer: así salvarán Vidas los algoritmos", The mathematician who fights cancer: this way algorithms will save lives, describes how scientists use mathematics to understand cancer, improve existing treatments, as well as create new ones.

MôLAB (Mathematical Oncology Laboratory) at The University de Castilla-La Mancha, directed by Víctor Manuel Pérez García, uses differential equations, numerical methods, and statistics, to simulate how a tumour grows and what effect a given therapy has on a patient.

MôLAB has helped cancer patients with the most aggressive forms of brain tumour that tend to recur even when the affected tissue has been removed. Brain surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are invasive treatments that don’t always guarantee results. Perez and his teams’ techniques make sure that surgery is optimal, improves diagnostic precision, and reduces costs.

Evolutionary mathematical models can be used to improve all areas of life, but in fields like oncology, we can see its true applicability.