Continuing the series of successful events, the prestigious Harvard Business Review, IPADE Business School and Opinno, global innovation consultancy, present the 4th edition of HBR Summit Mexico.

This year’s event brings together 400 business leaders to promote dialogue around ideas, practices, solutions and public policies that change the way of doing business in the country, in Latin America and around the world.


HBR Summit Mexico 2018, will take place on October 9 at the IPADE headquarters in Mexico City.


The panel of speakers includes innovators, entrepreneurs, academics, publishers, and editors of Harvard Business Review.

Speakers_HBR SUMMIT 2018

See the full list of speakers at HBR Summit Mexico 2018 speakers here.


The agenda for the 2018 HBR Summit Mexico includes a series of presentations and discussion panels on the following topics: the labor transformation, Mexican competitiveness, talent management, digital transformation and the impact of digitization, business creativity, the role of leadership in a moment of disruption in companies, success stories based on innovation and talent management.

This year, HBR Summit becomes a virtual networking platform in which 400 executives, 35 000 IPADE graduates, and the Opinno Latin America community will share knowledge through B2B events and workshops to solve business challenges.

This dialogue of ideas and practices that are changing Mexico and Latin America will be led by prominent international and national speakers, as well as personalities from the Mexican business world.

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Highlights of HBR Summit Mexico 2017


I think that I’m with you when I say that we’re here with a lot of worries, a lot of concern, but also a lot of hope, a lot of optimism, and a lot of opportunities. For this event, we intentionally kept the audience small to ensure that everyone can get to know each other, can interact. We want everyone to engage both with our speakers and with each other today.

                                               -Pedro Moneo, CEO of Opinno and organizer of the event

I really love this event because of the way that [the audience] really makes everyone rethink and challenge things through [their] interactions.

                                               -Amy Bernstein, Editor of the Harvard Business Review