On the 14th of January, we held the first meeting of 2019 with our network of experts, at our HQs, in Madrid.

We discussed the accomplishments of the Solutions team in 2018 and our vision for the future.

At Opinno, the Solutions department is in charge of creating and promoting new products. Since we’ve launched in 2008, we managed to build a network of more than 50 000 tech and innovation experts that can be accessed through Opinno.io, our collaborative innovation platform.

The Opinno brand ambassadors are people who know our work. They are business partners, members of public institutions, innovation consultants, lecturers, influencers, all connected by an interest in technology and innovation.

The quarterly meetings are an opportunity to share knowledge about the latest trends in technology, innovations, and projects that impact our community. We also use our network to build opportunities for development, create projects that educate and positively impact the world.



The Chief Exponential Officer of Opinno, Antonio Fontanini, presented our company’s achievements in 2018 and his vision for the future of the company. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session and ended with a discussion about the role of open innovation in entrepreneurship.