A total of 16 strategic consultants have been trained at Opinno's offices in the SAFe framework.

At Opinno we continuously train our employees in order to remain at the forefront of digital transformation and offer maximum value to our customers. On this occasion, we trained 16 strategic consultants from the Ideas department on SAFe. 

SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework, is a framework used to scale agile practices based on Lean Startup and Agile principles for enterprise software and systems development. 
The goal of SAFe is to help implement flexibility within the enterprise, at the organizational level, and not just at the team level, which is what Scrum is more focused on.


Jose Carlos Diaz worked hand-in-hand with Tecnofor to train the team for 3 days, from Wednesday to Friday.

We'll soon see how our transformation consultants will apply all the knowledge they've gained in this training to clients their looking to implement SAFe in their organization.