The editor in chief of the Spanish language MIT Review has spoken in Malaga on Malaga Mobile Day earlier this year. Opinno, the licensee for the publication in its Spanish language form, also presented at the conference.

The event was in reference to the mobile phone industry in the province; it had promised to be more comprehensive this year as special emphasis was given to Big Data and the digital transformation of the business sector.

The conference put the online security under the microscope and looked at the ways in which companies can avail the benefits of Cloud technology, which is one of the emerging technological tendencies of this year, according to MIT’s Marta del Amo.


Marta was there to deliver a talk on Cloud technology, based on an article from the MIT Review. The presentation discussed how Artificial Intelligence, for years the exclusive realm of the biggest companies in technology, such as Amazon and Google, will soon be a reality that will transform business culture for a much wider audience. Players from other sectors such as medicine, heavy industry, and energy will now have an opportunity to promote their economic productivity through the use of AI. The major players will still be out in front with their services and products designed for the Cloud. But the tendency towards AI and its effects on industry will be revolutionary.

Malaga Mobile Day was an event to inform and elucidate on the rapidly-changing industry of mobile communication and its place amidst the disruptive technological methodologies of the Digital Revolution.