We represent open innovation and we are opening new doors: Opinno Ecuador. With a growing innovation ecosystem in Latin America, Opinno is paving the way by expanding to Ecuador. Opinno Ecuador has already begun two cutting edge projects with el Banco Ecuatoriano BGR and with a local team of consultants. These projects will include a professional training for managers from varying companies called Innoweek. This innovation week will offer transformative expertise through the incorporation of design thinking sessions, innovative strategy labs and change management workshops.

Opinno Ecuador Partners

Leslie Jarrín, an Informatics Engineer that has been characterized as a “fearless woman in business,” is one of the two managing partners introducing Opinno to Ecuador. Jarrín has significant experience as an an entrepreneur and businesswoman, having also served as president of Daytwo, a technology infrastructure company. Furthermore, she has been involved in several panels and fireside chats regarding innovation in products and on rapid growth in operations and sales.   

José Antonio Torres, an Industrial Engineer is also a partner in Opinno Ecuador. Torres is the founder and president of The Edge Group, which operates throughout Latin America in Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Ecuador. Furthermore, Torres is a commendable example in his community, a member of the Society for Organizational Learning and the founder of Outward Bound Ecuador. Jarrín and Torres make a great team as they are both experts that share a passion for innovation.

Why Ecuador?

Opinno’s philosophy is, “when it comes to innovation, every company is a start up,” and that perspective doesn’t stray when it comes to Opinno Ecuador. Opinno Ecuador will work with businesses along the spectrum as entrepreneurial partners to innovate and digitally transform. Opinno was born at a time of uncertainty, which has made the organization agile and resilient. This openness to ambiguity will fit in with the innovation ecosystem in Ecuador.

Ecuador is not new to technology and innovation, as can be demonstrated by the first edition of EmTech in Ecuador, led by Opinno in 2015. EmTech is an Emerging Technologies Conference initiated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Review magazine. The annual conference has experts, engineers, developers and advisors come together to explore advancements in technology and engineering. In 2015, the Spanish Edition of EmTech was launched in Ecuador. This sold out event was comprised of over 700 attendees, 40 international experts and the winners of the first generation of Innovators Under 35 in Ecuador. Trends in smart cities, in genomics and healthcare, in agricultural technology and banking were just some of the covered topics. The spark has been lit in Ecuador, and Opinno Ecuador will surely grow the flame.

Objectives of Opinno Ecuador

Opinno’s main objective in branching out to establish a presence in Ecuador is to bring innovation to the local level in order to encourage a competitive and digitized business ecosystem. Opinno will likely generate new technologies and push for growth among an eager and prepared Ecuadorian workforce.