Our innovation consultants facilitated the leadership training program for one of the most important financial institutions in Brazil.

Each year, one of the most important banking companies organises events and training programs for the personal and professional development of its employees. The Action Learning Program is aimed at creating the next generation of leadership talent.

Action learning is a method in which groups work together to solve real business problems mainly by sharing questions and taking actions. It is a form of learning by doing. The method was created by Professor Reginald Revans and is now used in the development of professional and organisational development programs all over the world.

In the program, leaders participate as sponsors. Together with executives from several countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and the United States attended workshops where the selected candidates created prototypes to further develop their ideas.

Education has a central role in the corporate culture of the bank. Business schools, universities, and entrepreneurs should share knowledge, ideas, and good practices. The collaboration between the business world and academia will have an essential role in attracting investment in the future. The company is the world’s largest corporate contributor to education. In 2017, the bank launched the largest ecosystem of entrepreneurial education along with a programme that offers free support, training and mentoring to young people to develop businesses.