Amazon Web Services Spain held an event in collaboration with Opinno about how Amazon innovates with the help of Paul Misener, VP of Global Innovation Policy and Communications.

The Innovation Executive Exchange initiative was aimed at top executives responsible for innovation and digital transformation.

About Amazon

Amazon has just become the second company to surpass the market value of one trillion dollars.

Participants of the event found out how Amazon to evolve from an online bookstore to a manufacturer of devices, global market platform, publishing services, distribution network, and service provider.


The event took place on October 3, at the Hotel Meliá Palacio de los Duques.

Paul Misener, VP Global Innovation Policy and Communications - Amazon.

Paul promotes Amazon's culture and methods of customer-centric innovation. In addition to being Amazon's Vice President for nearly 18 years, Paul is an engineer (B.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Princeton University); a lawyer (Juris Doctor, George Mason University School of Law); and an inventor with three patents.

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Tommaso Canonici, Managing Director – Opinno Europe

Tommaso leads Opinno in Europe, innovation consultant and editor of MIT Technology Review and Harvard Business Review in Spanish.

Degree in Internet Economics from the University of Bologna; Executive MBA, certified in "Disruptive Strategy" by HBX (Harvard Business School) and in "Artificial Intelligence for Business" by MIT. He has collaborated in innovation projects, digital transformation and corporate venturing in large Fortune 500 across the globe. He is an author, speaker and guest professor in different business schools such as IE, ESIC, UNIR, European Institute of Design (IED), EOI.

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