OHL Concessions, have chosen Opinno as the recipient of its Innova Prize for Ideas in Innovation especially relevant to the company. OHL Concessions, experts in the financing, development and operation of toll roads, ports, railways, and airports, announced they would be awarding the annual prize for Most Innovating Supplier in the Best Ideas category to Opinno for its collaboration with TeleVia, a company in the toll roads payment sector.

This year the competition was global and the level of submissions, high. The quality and diversity of projects made choosing a winner difficult indeed. From the 27 initiatives submitted there were nine projects with a variety of focus: reducing the environmental impact of operating infrastructures, improving the signal and traffic control aspects of toll stations as well as improving safety in the sector.

But it was the impact of the Digital Revolution that prevailed this year. Overall, 11 proposals based on digital transformation in industry were submitted. The criteria for the prize were based on: the level and contribution of innovation; replicability; economic impact on subsidiary companies; the impact on OHL company profile; and innovation unique to OHL Concessions and its collaboration in terms of technology transfer within a project.


Tommasso Canonici, director of Opinno Europe received the prize, a handsome commemorative plaque, on behalf of Opinno. During the act Tommasso made the claim for digital innovation and its urgent call to companies in a talk he gave called ‘Innovate or Die’. The talk called for the need to keep innovation at the strategic centre of future development in any company, a philosophy embodied in the Innova Prize category for best technological innovation or process category.