The second edition of “Grid2030” was launched on December 5, by Red Eléctrica de España and InnoEnergy with the support of a team of innovators and technology specialists.

“Grid2030” is a four-year innovation program that invites researchers to work on innovation projects that bring electricity transmission and power system technologies to life.

The second call includes two new challenges:

  1. To improve the knowledge of the physical state and real-time dynamic behaviour of the existing assets of the power transmission network;
  2. To identify new services and solutions for the TSO, based on emerging digital technologies that help facilitate the transition to an upcoming energy model.

The event was moderated by Marta del Amo, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review in Spanish. Among the guest speakers were Pedro Duque, the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities and the first astronaut of Spanish nationality, and Jordi Sevilla, the president of Red Eléctrica de España. They discussed climate change, energy transition in companies and challenges in the creation of technology-based companies.

At the event, Jordi Seville assured that Red Eléctrica de España “ aspires to become a key player in the world of innovation and technology in the sustainable energy sector".

You can now sign up for the programme. Find more information on the website of Red Eléctrica de España.