Opinno was invited by the Spanish energy giant Endesa to organize a collaborative work initiative for company employees in the department of media and information systems.

Opinno CEO, Pedro Moneo participated this week in the session proceedings with a keynote address to the Endesa participants. The talk included a run-down of the 10 foremost new tendencies in the technological development of 2017 and 2018 according to the MIT Technology Review.

The idea behind this is to propel the department’s systems of communication into the next decade of the 21st century so that the sector leader can embrace the opportunities that accompany the Digital Revolution.


Mobile design, virtual reality and new and diverse communities of users are the emerging new paradigms defining evolution in mass media and information systems around the world. Incorporating and capitalizing on these new systems will be one of the challenges facing company employees and one of the objectives of the event.

Further objectives will include the following:

  • Generate team building relationships between workers in different teams and with different responsibilities inside the department

  • Create an outline proposal for the kind of office workspace employees would like to inhabit that would admit their individual areas of responsibilities