On July 4th, the results of Opinno in the first semester of the year were presented to all employees. The presentation took place at the headquarters in Madrid.

First of all, the company's marketing and culture director, Alejandro Briceño, took the floor to encourage all the employees present and to give rise to the intervention of Tommaso Canonici (Managing Director Opinno Europe). He addressed global company issues, of which we should highlight:

  • Financial targets: they are far outperforming each other, but at the same time, it motivated employees to stay on track and outperform themselves.

  • Company projects: not only the number of projects and their financial amount were presented. They also talked about the projects that are being carried out and the impact they are generating. To explain them better, a few videos were introduced. The reason for showing a project is none other than to give greater visibility to all employees.

  • Office improvements: investment is being made to improve offices, both on the different floors and in common areas.

  • Benefit for employees: the various aids available to employees, such as study aids, were recalled and it was announced that shares will be distributed among all opinion leaders through phantom shares.

Before finishing his speech,he presented a new addition, Irene Tinagli, a key figure for the company's arrival in Italy. Irene took a few minutes to introduce herself officially to the whole company.

Rebeca Bárcena, director of Talent (human resources), continued the talk by thanking all her team for the work they are doing.

Presentacion 2

Afterwards, the founder and CEO of Opinno, Pedro Moneo, took the floor. With a big, short speech, he talked about where the company is turning and how he sees Opinno in a few years' time. Employees are at the heart of the company and are here to make an impact.

Before the Program Leader (department directors) took the floor to explain their results and the projects they are carrying out, Antonio Fontanini, the Chief Exponential Officer of Opinno, showed the first, more than satisfactory results of the internal project ambassadors. This project consists of first level heads putting Opinno in contact with company directors who may be interested in hiring their services.

Tommaso took the floor again to add some last comments and to give way to the PLs (Program Leaders). The first person to speak was Marta Franco, director of the Academy department, who put great value on the work of her team and placed special emphasis on having doubled the turnover of the previous year in just the first half of this year, a great success.

Afterwards, Solutions' PL, Paco Maestre from Cadiz, took over. This time he did not delight the employees with a video of his department, but he made it very clear what projects they are currently undertaking and what they hope to achieve in the coming months. These kids fight day by day and are able to get certified by Santander before the bank's own employees.

presentacion 3


Dani Medina, PL of Ideas, was the next speaker. He briefly explained the financial results of the department, well above expectations, and gave the floor to people from his department who explained some of the most interesting projects they are carrying out.

The last program to speak was Elena Rodriguez, from People. She and her boys are doing a great job and have practically reached the sales target for the whole year in the middle of the year, without words. The projects they are carrying out are very interesting and he explained them briefly. He also, of course, thanked all the work done on Innovators Under 35 and EmTech Europe to be held in Toulouse in October.

With all this, Opinno's corporate talk came to an end. We'll have another one next quarter. I'm sure they'll bring you some very good news.