This Wednesday, Barcelona was home to one of the best dialogues between CEOs. Opinno had the pleasure to work hand in hand with IESE Business School to held a space where CEOs could interact with each other to share their visions on innovation. 

During the event, leaders from companies like Novartis and Cellex, shared the biggest secrets and challenges they had confronted in order to achieve innovation, identify opportunities, avoid common mistakes and be able to innovate at the speed of startups. 

José María Siota, Director of Research at IESE, allowed the audience to enjoy a multisectoral event where top executives from three of the most representative sectors of the business in Spain participated in a round table format, speaking of key points like opportunities, trends and recommendations. 

In representation of Opinno, Tommaso Canonici, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Opinno Europe, alongside Antonio Nuñez Martin, “Leader before innovation”, spoke about the vision of innovation in Spain and the impact it will have on the future of organizations.  They talk about how to transform an organization, from technology, vision, mission and values to its people. 


Jesus Ponce, President of Novartis Spain, spoke about his BIOME project and the initiatives faced by a company that invests more than 18% of its revenue in innovation. On the other hand, we had the vision of the General Director and Business Transformation of Banco Sabadell, Manuel Tresanchez, talked about the profound change and the need for innovation in the banking sector. Consequently, Tobias Martinez Gimeno from Cellnex, explained the implications and detailed strategies of the telecommunications sector. In his speech, he also talked the expansion in the United Kingdom and the risks that must be taken in order to double the value of its shares in recent years based on an aggressive strategy of innovation in the company's business model as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

All in all, it is important to emphasize on Opinno's participation, the vision shared with Tommaso of seeing innovation as a fundamental pillar of the process towards the success of any organization. In addition, it is critical to highlight the importance, not shared by all the guests, that it is not enough to know and to be able to achieve it, but also to really want to innovate and make a difference.