Opinnight is an important event for our team.

First of all, it is a great way to bring the team together to celebrate our accomplishments for 2018, but it is also an excellent opportunity to reflect upon projects that are under development, what we wish we had done so far and, most importantly, our plans for the year ahead.

2018 marked the celebration of our teams 10th anniversary. This event gave us the opportunity to reflect on our development over the years. We discussed success and failure, but we have to acknowledge that some of the projects we worked on changed industries and the Spanish entrepreneurial culture. Here are just a few of them:

start4big, the first cross-sector open innovation initiative to find the most innovative start-ups to develop technological solutions to solve business challenges. The program was promoted by Aguas de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT and Telefónica.

Insur_space by MAPFRE is an open innovation platform that seeks an active collaboration with the insurtech ecosystem on a global scale, with the goal of transforming the insurance sector. The program's goal is to attract the most promising start-ups in the industry, mentor them throughout the entire process along with access to the right resources to ensure each project meets its objectives.

The celebratory night ended with the Opinnight 2018 Awards. Winners were nominated for six categories: Intern, Cyborg, Wowmaker, Braveheart, Changemaker, and Rebel talent. The winners of the six categories were selected through an internal vote. The ones that represent best each of the company's values won the prizes.  

Pedro Moneo, owner of Opinno, and Tomasso Canonici, Managing Director of Opinno Europe, reassured everybody of their commitment to continued growth, innovation and societal impact for 2019.

Looking forward to meeting you all with exciting projects in the New Year!