On December 13 and 14, the Chief Exponential Officer of Opinno, Antonio Fontanini, attended CAS 2018, the leading event for professionals working with agile methodologies.

Conferencia Agile Spain is an annual event that hosts a community of over 600 professionals with the aim of promoting the use of agile methodologies across Spanish organisations, research centres, and universities.

Antonio Fontanini was appointed the closing speaker of CAS 2018 with a presentation on how to create an agile organisation where employees are empowered to deliver meaningful work.  

According to Fontanini, the companies that will thrive in 2019 will be the ones built on a start-up mentality, and the ones keen to generate a positive impact on the society. He names this moment in time “Economy of Sense” (Economía del Sentido) where the value lies in interaction. Products become services, services become platforms, and the traditional roles of employees evolve towards partners that co-create value. In this context employee engagement is key to innovation.

Investing in employee engagement is one of the most valuable actions a company can take, from selecting the best talent with the right attitude and skills, accompanying personal and professional development, to creating inspiring workspaces that encourage teamwork.

The agile organisation of the future will be people-centric.