On December 20, our Employee Experience Director, Alejandro Briceño, participated in the Creative Industries Network to present the challenges of talent management in the creative industries.  


Creative Industries Network is an initiative of IED Madrid, Center for higher education in design, an institution with over fifty years of experience in training design professionals to adapt to a continuously changing environment.

The institution doesn’t only offer educational programs, it organises exhibitions, students get the chance to develop ideas in the Innovation Labs and have access to academic resources and a worldwide network of design researchers and professionals.

The Creative Industries Network develops programs, events, conferences, workshops meant to support businesses and creative professionals in their growth and expansion.

Alejandro's talk focused on three important topics:

  • The Rise of the Collaborative Economy: advantages and disadvantages.

  • The importance of knowledge transfer for the growth of a company;

  • Corporate social responsibility as a strategy to attract talent.

The event was part of the Creative Industries Network Thursday meetings, conferences with leading professionals in the creative sector. Attending the meeting is a great way to network with the guests and expand knowledge on different topics.

Check out the website of the Creative Industries Network for more information on how to join them.