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Reinventing consulting in the digital era  

At Opinno we believe that the mission of consulting is to provide our clients with knowledge and insights that are always fresh and new. However, the world is changing faster and faster and we believe that traditional consulting business models are too rigid and hermetic to adapt to this speed of change.

The emergence of the digital revolution makes it possible to collaborate with the best experts around the world remotely and to do so in more flexible ways, usually around challenges or fixed-term projects. Until now, the challenge-based economy, also called the gig-economy, has been limited to one-off person-to-person collaborations, which severely limits the use of this format as an alternative to traditional consulting.

Opinno has developed a model we call hybrid consulting, which combines the best of the traditional consulting model with the advantages of the digital era.

Our hybrid model takes the client relationship layer and project management from traditional consulting. All our projects are managed by a certified Opinno consultant, who will be the point of contact, to ensure that our standards of quality, confidentiality, on-time delivery, and accurate budget tracking are met. This project manager coordinates all internal and external experts collaborating on a project and makes Opinno’s tools, databases, and knowledge sources available to the team. All our engagements offer the guarantee of an audited company, with a solid balance sheet, quality, environmental and safety certifications.   

On the other hand, Opinno, our model includes from the gig-economy the possibility of inviting thousands of experts from our network to our projects, with experience in the most cutting-edge disciplines. Opinno’s network of experts is made up of tens of thousands of professionals from all over the world, who we recruit and evaluate through events, webinars, competitions, awards, hackathons, courses, or workshops that we organize with our clients and partners and also independently.

We have two types of experts in our network:

  • Experts by discipline, with a very extensive knowledge of technologies such as Internet of Things, UX/UI, Artificial Intelligence, or Cybersecurity.
  • Senior experts, with extensive professional experience. These experts have held senior positions in the past and act as a plug and play advisor for each project.

The best of both worlds  

Thanks to this blend of traditional and digital models, we provide our clients with the confidence and peace of mind that their project is in good hands, while offering the best experts and consultants from around the world, always under the coordination of an Opinno Way certified project manager.

We are revolutionizing the consulting industry. We’d love to help you revolutionize your business. Shall we talk?

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