World Business Forum Madrid

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We create experiences, together with the brightest minds in the business world, to transform and inspire people and organizations.

For more than 30 years we have witnessed a revolution, a period of exponential change and innovation. Known as the digital age, the technological age or the information age, today we take for granted the need to adopt technology as part of our business processes and operations.

We are now entering a new era: The Age of the Ideas.

IDEAS elevate us. They allow us to imagine a better future.
better. And they inspire us to go out and create that future. They are the source of innovation, the source of our future competitive advantage.

IDEAS do not arise from an algorithm. They are not produced
by a machine. They are uniquely human.

Is your company ready to thrive in the age of ideas?

World Business Forum 2022

Two days of unique ideas shared by the most inspiring and influential leaders in the world of management.

Spark your imagination. Spark the imagination of your people.
Prepare yourself and your organization to succeed in the age of ideas at the World Business Forum 2022.