Reshape: a global call for the energy transition

Over the last several years, we have pursued advances in various technologies, positioning us at the forefront of the energy transition. We have implemented a forward-thinking approach when it comes to digitalisationautomation and remote working processes in addition to the use of other technologies. This innovative mindset has helped us to be resilient so that we may explore new possibilities to achieve our sustainability goals.

Prior to the Covid-19 emergency, many organisations were evaluating how developments in disruptive technologies could impact the future of sustainability and the ways in which we work. The pandemic has accelerated this process for many companies, spurring them to reassess their current business models.

Now, we continue to work towards building a brighter future: our vision to develop solutions that generate significant impact and empower sustainable progress has not changed. Thanks to Innovability (innovation at the service of sustainability), we have digitalised all of our assets and introduced several innovative technologies within the company, such as drones, cloud processes and automation.

We believe that the world has an unprecedented opportunity to leverage new technologies in order to fight climate change, and Enel wants to lead this action. Innovative methods to optimise remote working as well as digitalise and automate workflows have the power to make traditional businesses more efficient and create new opportunities to transition towards cleaner energy. These disruptive technologies are key to creating a world where we can come together without boundaries. Our response to this context is ReShape: building a brighter future through Innovability.

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