Innovators Under 35 LATAM 2022

We are delighted to be organizing the fifth Latin American edition of Innovators Under 35 this year.

The Innovators Under 35 LATAM Festival 2022 is a unique opportunity to meet those who are shaping our future and transforming our lives through their technological advances.

We are searching for individuals whose superb technical work promises to make an impact on the world in coming decades. Our goal is to spot promising new technology or the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems. We also highlight ingenious and beautifully-executed work that matters to the world at large – not just to its peers in a particular field or industry.

Established in 1999, in honor of MIT Technology Review’s 100th anniversary, the Innovators Under 35 list now has various regional versions – such as a European list and this Latin American event. The festival will bring together young Latin American visionaries pursuing the same objective: innovation, ingenuity, and advances toward addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. Thirty-five entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries, pioneers, and humanitarians will be selected for their outstanding technological achievements. 

Each year, brilliant men and women are recognised for their advances in various technical fields such as biotechnology and medicine; artificial intelligence and robotics; software; energy and sustainability; internet and web; electronics and hardware; transport; nanotechnology and materials; and telecommunications.

A committee of judges, made up of experts from leading universities and companies will select the 35 best candidates. In addition to this, the competition recognizes five different categories of innovators:

  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Visionaries
  • Humanitarians
  • Pioneers

Join us on October 20 in Lima, Peru where we will be showcasing the projects of this year’s cohort of Innovators Under 35 in LATAM.

The event will also serve to honor and celebrate their work – so don’t miss it!

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