Ferrovial Build Up!

This year, we want to approach the innovation ecosystem in order to solve the challenge proposed by Ferrovial Agroman, our business unit dedicated to the construction of civil and industrial works.

We need to understand how our ground behaves. We need to measure in advance parameters such as soil permeability, storage coefficient, resistance and elasticity in order to better design and plan our projects.

The challenge we have set ourselves for the third edition of Build Up! is the following: How could we understand and characterize more precisely the ground on which we build to optimize the design, planning and execution of construction projects?

The Award and the Winner

The winner of Ferrovial Build Up! 2019 will be selected during the winner selection event and will have access to the following benefits:

Pilots: Conceptualization, development and implementation of the proposal 

Financing: Compensation determined by Ferrovial to cover expenses related to the development of the pilot

Accompaniment: Access to the knowledge and experience of experts in the sector working hand in hand with Ferrovial Agroman

Networking: Visibility and access to Ferrovial's international network of customers and suppliers

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