Las 10 tecnologías emergentes de 2022 por MIT Technology Review


The treatment of COVID-19, technology, with a focus on artificial intelligence, and the future of energy and sustainability are the main protagonists of the list of trends that will have an impact in 2022 selected by MIT Technology Review, the oldest technology magazine in the world owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Te

In 2001, MIT Technology Review began compiling an annual selection of the most important technologies of the year. This list identifies the ten that, on an annual basis, will be capable of generating a major impact on the economy, business and people in the short and medium term. Thanks to the collaboration agreement established between Ibercaja's Más Empresa ecosystem and the Spanish edition of the publication, which depends on the consulting firm Opinno, Patricia Ruiz Guevara, senior editor of MIT Technology Review in Spanish and journalist specialized in science and technology, has analyzed in this webinar in depth each of the selected trends from Boston for 2022: some are already changing our lives and others have great potential to impact society in the future.

MIT Technology Review in Spanish works throughout the year on large blocks of content that are positioning themselves as indispensable in the development of science and technology, and that are present in the development of business transformation: energy and climate change, computing, IoT, AI, space, biotechnology, business, robotics, materials and blockchain.

The selected trends are related to these blocks and, as Ruiz points out, "it is important to know what is to come in order to have a critical thinking. They are trends at the company level, entrepreneurial level... but also at the citizen level. From MIT Technology Review we contribute to create a complete vision of the state of technology, bringing topics of interest to society in an informative but rigorous way".

This year's list marks the twentieth anniversary of MIT Technology Review's annual selection of the most important technologies of the year.

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