Digital Health: The challenge of digital transformation in the health sector


The health sector is in the midst of a digital revolution and the current crisis of the COVID has only accelerated the process.

Digitization in a health context obviously has strong implications for all stakeholders in the sector that impact directly on the patient, decisively influencing our health system and therefore generating a great impact on society.

As in any process of digital transformation there are barriers to be overcome, but in the framework of e-Health the complexity is accentuated due to the multitude of public and private actors and the inherent ethical, security and regulatory implications.

In this webinar, we are going to dialogue with different actors within the value chain about "the new normality" of the health ecosystem. We will focus on the impact of different trends in e-health, such as digital therapies, telemedicine or intensive data analysis, and we will analyse how they will contribute to improving our health system, while promoting new ways of working that are more agile and collaborative.

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Profesor IO

Professor IO is an expert in open innovation with experience on innovation in design, development, business, marketing, software, growth, strategic planning, economics, finance and multiple other areas.

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