December 22, 2020

“Until everyone is made safe with a vaccine or an antiviral, no one will be”

Aside from betting on innovation and technology, the Director General of the pharmaceutical company MSD in Brazil, Hugo Nisenbom, assures that the pharmaceutical industry’s first objective should be the health of the patient and not the economic benefit, especially during coronavirus times

December 10, 2020

“Companies that fail to see the importance of diversity will suffer a competitive disadvantage”

Ralph Lauren's Vice President of Human Resources for EMEA, Patricia Lajara, argues that employee well-being, flexibility and a strong corporate culture will be key to managing a new era in which talent demands social responsibility from their companies

November 25, 2020

“Countries don’t do research because they are wealthy, they are wealthy because they do research”

The Minister of Science, Universities and Innovation for the Community of Madrid, Eduardo Sicilia, states that many aspects of the pandemic would have been resolved if there had been earlier investment in science and innovation. The interconnection of universities and companies within the research ecosystem is key to ensuring that results permeate both society and the economy

November 11, 2020

“In the medium term, leisure, entertainment, and tourism will be the sectors that experience the greatest boom”

The vice-president of Oracle NetSuite for Latin America, Gustavo Moussalli, looks at how the pandemic has forced millions of companies to digitize in record time. As a result, they are noe better prepared, have more control over their businesses and more effective agile decision-making.

October 26, 2020

“Mobility is changing. People don’t buy cars anymore”

As the leader of a business specialising in the innovation of a sector as traditional as energy, the CEO of Enel X, Francesco Venturini, knows first-hand the challenges of digitalisation, but, also, the enormous potential of new technologies to save costs and offer new products and services.

October 15, 2020

True social integration is achieved through employment

For ILUNION's CEO, Alejandro Oñoro, innovation not only helps to achieve business objectives, but also to provide value for people with fewer opportunities

September 30, 2020

Our proposal is based on digitalization and emotional contact

The coronavirus has burst into the insurance sector in full transformation, and companies like Generali have reacted by implementing more digital tools and rethinking the notions of productivity, flexibility and teleworking, explains its CEO in Spain, Santiago Villa

September 2, 2020

Video Call Technology Is a Lifesaver

For the managing director of Santalucía, Andrés Romero, digital services such as virtual technical assessments and telemedicine have been indispensable for clients during the coronavirus pandemic, so their rapid adoption will help consolidate them in the new normalcy.

August 5, 2020

Insurers Must Shift to a Model of Predict and Prevent

For Chubb’s Chief Digital Officer Sean Ringsted, in this moment of social changes, the insurance industry should use the power of information and data to accelerate the pace of its digital transformation and achieve real personalization according to the emerging needs of consumers.

July 22, 2020

Nobody Believes that 50% of My Employees are Millenials

Greater efficiency, predictive capability, and time dedicated to the people. The Director of People and Culture at Amadeus, Valle Rodríguez, describes the multiple benefits that technology is providing to her department and how she values other methods of innovation like intergenerational cooperation.

July 7, 2020

AI Will Help Us Predict the Safety of Tourist Destinations

For Gabriel Escarrer, CEO of Meliá Hotels, technologies like artificial intelligence will help propel tourism in the post-Covid era: personalizing client experience, monitoring the occupation of spaces, and predicting the security of destinations will be some of its applications

June 24, 2020

Collaborating on Pharmaceuticals Is Paramount, Even If It Means Profit Sharing

The Director of Executive Operations and R+D at Sylentis, Ana Isabel Jiménez, asserts that the pharmaceutical sector must change its mentality. She believes it is strategic to work with other institutions, and even to share the intellectual property of the resulting product to provide more agile responses to society.

May 5, 2020

Technology Improves Meritocracy

The Director of Human Resources at Banco Sabadell, Conchita Álvarez, explains how new technological tools are improving her area of work in three main ways: productivity, talent management, and culture, and affirms that the enterprise is committed to internal talent for the digital transformation.

April 29, 2020

“In the next decade we can have a fixed base on the moon where people can live”

For NASA's former director of Innovation and Engineering, Omar Hatamleh, AI and inter-industry knowledge transfer will be key to space exploration that will enable us to reach other planets and promote global technological advancement on Earth

April 15, 2020

People Will Have to Continuously Learn to Contribute Skills to the Market in the Future

The global head of Human Resources at Banco Santander, Roberto Di Bernardini, expects a future labor market defined by telework and the constant influx of new competitors and areas of expertise.

March 31, 2020

Global Space Economy. The new golden age of space

On May 24, 2019, a bright and orderly row of objects stretched across the sky. A witness was astonished by the scene and began to record without knowing very well what he was observing.

March 17, 2020

“The fight against climate change needs big business”

For Enagás' CEO, Marcelino Oreja, one of the greatest levers of social change lies in the capacity of companies to innovate, supported by new consumer demands. He explains his strategy to improve not only products and services, but also his own processes

March 10, 2020

“Your title is not as important as what you do and your attitude”

The global head of Training, Development and Talent at Banco Santander, Elisabetta Galli, is the best example of how new technologies are already shaping all areas of a business. Her aim is to ensure that the transformation of her department translates into a change in corporate culture that adapts to the new market reality
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