The world constantly changes and today's organizations must adapt to a text that has nothing to do with that of only 10 years ago.The appearance of new technologies in increasingly short life cycles, globalization and demographic changes are some of the trends that affect all political, economic and social spheres, but also influence work.Technology has brought great progress and benefits to human beings from a social and economic point of view.These great progress have been the protagonists of period changes in the history of the world.

Internet, telecommunications and work automation have had an impact comparable to telegraph production, steam or chain machines.

All these changes have directly influenced organizations and their way of working.The industrial age has given way to the society of knowledge and information, in which interrelationships and points have changed.The use of information allows you to improve decision making, save time, deepen and systematize control.

Who made it possible

  • Laura García
  • Valentin García 

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