What’s more, the response times the market dictates are accelerating fast; it is crucial to plan ahead, if teams are to be effective, and to proactively organize new ways of working.

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Historically, technology has had the effect of reducing barriers to business, increasing revenues, improving processes and implementing new tools within companies.

However, implementing technology is not a luxury, or an optional investment, but a fundamental strategy enabling companies of all sizes to position themselves with advantages that are cutting edge and internal processes that are competitive both in national and international markets.

Sometimes a company’s existing staff does not possess the skills to meet these new, specific challenges. The timing and requirements of some projects means that hiring the right collaborators is key to such projects being successfully completed.

In response to these challenges, Opinno has created Work, a platform designed to facilitate the integral management of company talent.

Work was originally developed for Opinno. Its purpose was geared to covering the needs generated by the life cycle and requirements of an employee in our company. It has now been adapted by and implemented to the diverse demands of our partner companies.

Through Work, we effectively facilitate the planning of projects, using the information our collaborators furnish us with (both internal and external), and thus assigning appropriate profiles to each project.

Using Work you can

  • Select and contract management
  • Manage evaluations
  • Manage services
  • Determine rewards
  • Manage documentation
  • Manage high level company project portfolios

Management of skills: Depending on the projects and training of individuals users can update and incorporate newly acquired skills, allowing managers to swiftly identify the best fit for a specific project.

Management evaluation: Users can be assessed according to their participation in projects thus providing employee recognition and appreciation of relevance to future projects.

Management of services: Project task management is faster and more efficient as users enter applications through the platform; it also helps allocate hours and the administrative burden is lessened.

Rewards: Employees are rewarded by receiving a score for participation in activities. Collaborators feel encouraged and motivated to participate and feel empowered to make changes. In this way, collaboration in workteams is increased and effectiveness maximised as a result.

Document Management: Teams create meeting notes, project plans, and attach multimedia resources with dynamic content. Users can instantly manage and update documents which are accessible to all project partners.

Project Portfolio Management: Based on information from JIRA as a project manager Opinno Work facilitates each team member knowing their assigned tasks and the time they must dedicate to them. These are classified according to two distinct levels:

High level management – project managers visualize the budget and progress of a project in real time, providing them with a global vision and authentic idea of projects, the ability to view profitability and progress, and to make timely decisions.

Management of each project – Opinno Work allows project managers to direct the planning and progress of projects providing total project progress transparency while managing the distribution of hours.

Opinno Work is adaptable, agile and thorough; the management of personnel and projects is an enhanced experience. Work offers clients a global perspective on all business, both current and future, and is adapted to your company needs.

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