We are facing one of the greatest humanitarian crises since World War II. The highest priority at the moment is to take care of ourselves, but without leaving home.

We must analyze what we are experiencing in order not to miss out on the lessons of this crisis. The gravity of the situation shows that, when all this is over, the world will not be the same as it was before we were confined. And, although we do not know what that world will be like, we have tools to try to predict it (Opinno published the “Future Foresight” Report in April 2020).

It is intuitive to assume that people will rediscover the importance of health and freedom, to be able to give kisses and hugs, to spend time with family, to play with children and adults again, and to be well informed.

With all this in mind, we have identified the 10 trends that we believe will shape the future when COVID-19 is finally something we have learned to fight or can live with, with minimal risk.

Sooner or later the coronavirus pandemic will end and we need to prepare for what is to come.

The effects of COVID-19 give us a glimpse of 10 future trends that will transform society.

What can businesses do to prepare for that future?

The success will not be of those who manage the crisis properly but of those who anticipate the opportunities that will follow.

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