People are the key resource. Their skills, training and experience are what create a company’s sustainability and competitive advantage. Consequently, analysing human profiles becomes a fundamental process for evaluating how effectively people participate in achieving a company’s objectives.

Only by understanding and clearly identifying worker profiles can a company ensure the role of the individual contributes to the most favourable realization of its objectives for all involved. Organizations can aspire to best practice when they know and can define the roles of their people.


Employees participate in a test to identify innovative personalities. This results in the creation of teams who share complementary skills and strengths, fostering greater versatility. The test also identifies key professionals or key innovation employees that organization then seeks to replicate.

Polls 2

Self-diagnosis measures employees’ innovative profile by identifying:

  • Areas in which professionals can improve and locate relevant training.
  • The talent the company can harness to involve people actively in the process of innovation.
  • How to change people’s concepts of innovation so that all professionals see they are capable of being innovative and enhancing creativity according to their roles.

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Polls make it possible to:

  • Recognize positive aspects and areas to improve related to how the company is structured – departments, job categories, levels and types of studies required, etc.
  • Define employees’ qualifications – do they correspond to the demands and potential requirements of the position? What can workers offer the organization?
  • Know the cost and productivity of human resources.
  • Manage information about motivation and satisfaction, the things that channel workers’ potential to enhance efficiency and achieve objectives.

By using a digital platform, Polls assemble employee ratings to assess progress or, on the other hand, spot emergent problems which might require prompt action. This organizational diagnosis is an invaluable tool when forming an understanding of the internal dynamics of a company and results in a sustainable competitive advantage and a permanent process of continuous improvement.