The future demands fast and effective learning. The times we live in do not allow for full-time training therefore e-learning must adjust to new work regimes in the different methodologies it may offer. There is no free time outside work hours and there is little or no time for professional development during work hours. Fast courses or ‘pills’ are one solution: these are short, intensive courses with very focused learning objectives in specific, specialized areas.

In a precarious job market, employees need to be involved in continuous professional development to meet the demands of the market.

Increasingly, today we see the profiles needed to fill job vacancies are highly specific: each company has its own methodology and older training models were too broad in focus for the particularities of this new employment reality.

More multimedia content and newer methods associated with the audiovisual world are required at this point in time. Our studies indicate that to a large extent, people who make business decisions prefer to watch explanatory videos rather than read texts on the Internet.

Opinno Academy

Opinno’s Academy Division is a platform which offers technical training to all levels and provides training plans, jointly elaborated with the company. That’s why Academy has a highly qualified training team to execute our training programmes and their certification to professionals in different business sectors.

For companies, training greatly improves productivity among workers; it raises motivation; it generates greater confidence within the organization itself; it also boosts customer loyalty. Another effect is that it promotes a feeling of cohesion and belonging for workers which has a positive effect on professional stagnation and encourages longer term commitment among workers.

It is key that economic resources earmarked for training are not considered ‘expenses’, rather an investment in strategies which boost productivity and performance.

For workers, training will increase job opportunities as well as earning potential. Training protects workers against unemployment: the more effective the training received, the greater the chance of retaining a job or having access to new jobs.


  • Space-time barriers disappear. Members can access courses from home or work place at any time of the day or night thus optimizing training time to the maximum
  • Flexibility in our diverse methods and resources means we adapt to the context and needs of the student.
  • Updated content. News and resources related to course content are updated continuously with immediate effect.
  • Quality communication among participants via the tools of the e-learning platform (forums, chat, email messaging, etc.)

We offer you a digital platform which will provide with an integral and adaptable training solution for your company. In Academy we provide different courses, methodologies and formats: E-learning, presential, InCompany and blended learning to find the best training solutions for your company