Innovate or die.To maintain their growth rates and be in place in the market, the organizations must be constantly devising new products or services or presenting improvements to the existing ones. A growing trend in the world and also in Chile - leader of Latin American the matter - has been to improve or increase Organizational results through the strengthening and installation of skills intra-entrepreneurs in their workers. Intra-entrepreneurship is a word that was coined for the first


time in the 1970s and corresponds to the to when a person within a large organization acts like an entrepreneur would. Now, how do you Does an entrepreneur work? "On the one hand, he has high tolerance for taking risks and therefore for failure, and on the other hand, in its way of being, is intrinsic the use of their creative capacities to innovate, to connect and solve problems", explains Javier Salcedo, manager of the general of the Innovation Club.

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It's not a concept. new in the world. From fact, in the '70s it was thanks to an employee that 3M launched the emblematic and world-renowned Postit. In Chile, Movistar, Chilectra and the Grupo Alto, among others, have created a space interesting within them to promote support for entrepreneurship to come from the inside and outside. How to develop the environment to detect and encourage the intra-entrepreneurs in your company? We'll tell you about it at continued.

The following graphic is based on 46 interviews with large firms' chief innovation officers (and related roles), the study provides insights and unique data for the implementation of these mechanisms, and best practices learned from leading corporations.


Keys of IntraEntreprenurship

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