The project sectors of the new economy 20+20 presents successful business experiences representative of the values and uses of the new economy, in order to understand what are the keys to the success of this emerging reality. In this way, EOI (Escuela de Organización industrial), following the lines drawn in the strategic Plan EOI2020 seeks to encourage new forms of


business management. The work dynamic that has guided the research responds to an open research process, in which the process itself is a result of public dissemination. the Work in Progress methodology seeks to maximise the flow of knowledge by allowing a constructive dialogue to be established between the open research process and society. 

What will you learn

For years, the development of "disruptive technologies" has been considered as accelerators of change and socio-economic progress; their impact on the behaviour of users and on the future of enterprises has been extensively studied. In particular, it is common to associate the process of business change with technological change with new products and services that are better than those generated by the pre-existing technologies it has replaced.


Disruptive Economy

Who made it possible

  • Gonzalo Leon 
  • Alberto Tejero
  • Noemi de la Fuente
  • Teresa Alameda
  • Alejandro Briceño 

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