Success is the ultimate aspiration that moves the human being to take on risky projects, such as entrepreneurship. The rise of the subject of entrepreneurship in recent times has had a clear positive effect; more and more people consider this life option but also brings with it a risk; the generation of unrealistic expectations about the consequences of entrepreneurship. In this context, MIT Technology Review in Spanish aims with this study


to provide an honest and novel vision of success in entrepreneurship, and to do so has wanted to have the opinion of its protagonists.In order to reflect the circumstances, values and priorities of people who are at different times on the road to success, a total of 110 entrepreneurs have been selected whose projects have achieved certain achievements and are in some of the following stages:


What will you learn

Entrepreneurs' perception of what constitutes success. It has been observed that today entrepreneurs conceive success as the confluence of five elements: self-fulfilment, purpose, innovation, excellence and profit, in order of importance. However, the way success is defined varies according to the age, previous experience, gender or maturity of the project.


The way in which the entrepreneur defines success is a reflection of his values, and as such has practical consequences: entrepreneurs make decisions on a day-to-day basis prioritising some of these elements over others; for example, renouncing possible benefits in order to maximise the positive impact of their project on society

Who made it possible

  • Javier Iglesias
  • Marta del Amo
  • Tommaso Canonici
  • Daniel Medina

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