Digitalization can bring considerable benefits to the energy sector. The main trends in the industry are the improvement of production infrastructures and reduction of global energy consumption.

A study conducted by The International Energy Agency predicts that digitalization will generate a reduction in energy production costs by 10-20%, in the next twenty years. Digitization is a driver of competitiveness and a powerful lever to change the existing operating methods.

Our training sessions consisted of workshops, lectures, and webinars on how to use digitalization and emerging technologies to become more sustainable. 

Program structure

  1. Presentation of main trends in the energy sector: connected homes; the user has control over the energy consumption and renewable and decentralized energy.
  2. Provided specialized training in digital applications like energy self-management, digital billing, and online sales
  3. Selection of the corporate digital ambassadors that will make digitization a priority in the company
  4. Created a plan for developing a web platform for content, online training, dynamic archives, and call announcements.
Digitalization Opinno

Results and Follow up

Employees were inspired and motivated to become part of the digital transformation process and learn about the latest digital trends in the energy sector. The Interaction between employees from different hierarchical levels facilitated the dissemination of digital concepts faster.