The Digital Revolution provides us with pragmatic, new technologies to aid us in the day to day. Paper money, an outmoded concept, is on the ebb while the change to mobile payments has become part of the status quo. Just a few years ago it was practically impossible to pay for anything with a mobile phone. Now, however, it’s a ubiquitous possibility. Banks, too, have been adapting fast: TPVs and contactless cards are today offered by all banking institutions.

The growing use of these smart devices has created a need for businesses to find apps which can maximize their advantages.

Companies understand the need for innovation in this context: if they are to keep up with customer habits, they need to adapt to this mobile environment fast. Each day there are new additions to this mobile world; companies who take a bet on developing a mobile app that will provide for all their needs and will adapt to the new habits of consumers. But there are still plenty of companies who are unaware of the great benefits of owning a mobile application.



Payment by Opinno

Payment is an application that allows users to place orders and payments. It was designed to integrate employees in a digital ecosystem which facilitates payments made to them and by them.

So it provides a means of communication between the brand and the consumer, offers entertainment and ease of payment at the touch of a button, no paper money needed.

What are the benefits of Payment?

  • Speed – the app links credit and debit cards accessed swiftly during transactions

  • No need to run to the ATM – cash is not needed.

  • Goodbye to receipts and vouchers – all information about transactions is contained in the app

  • Improved customer relations – direct access to the relevant individuals and speed in their response to client needs

  • Presence, reputation and brand strengthening 



A company is positioned more dynamically than ever before. Users can consult the app wherever, whenever and are much more likely to reuse an app they have installed on their mobile device – a distinct advantage which strengthens the identity and success of a brand.  




The launch of this platform gives clients a new way of integrating technology in our daily lives. It also supports workers as they adapt to a complete digital environment in companies where they work.