In 2019, thanks to our 15 years of work on innovation, dynamizing and co-creating initiatives with professionals from every sector, Opinno Healthcare, a healthcare specialized division, was born.   

Our experience developing Open Innovation initiatives together with leading ecosystem players has allowed us to learn from other industries and take these insights back to this sector. Opinno Healthcare is made up of healthcare business analysts, who work hand-in-hand with designers and communication experts to be a “one stop shop” for innovation projects.   

Being agile and customer-centric is in our DNA.  

Opinno Healthcare has a portfolio of services that meet the innovation and digitalization needs of companies in the sector. 

  • Digital Health Service Design: We observe, analyze and design solutions that respond to patients’ needs, improving their quality of life and health.   
  • Ecosystem-based Innovation: We are connectors and facilitate collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the various players in the healthcare innovation ecosystem. 
  • Corporate Transformation: We transform, inspire and promote a culture of change towards a digital healthcare sector through new interaction models, tools and agile work methods. 

Opinno is the facilitator of the healthcare innovation ecosystem. It inspires and supports digital and cultural transformation at various levels of the sector: industry, patient and HCPs.  

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